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The best way to set yourself up for digital marketing success is by thoroughly auditing your current online presence. When people search for your name or your business, what pops up in Google’s search results? An old site you set up in 2010? Your personal Facebook page? Or worse: nothing at all?

If you haven’t updated your website in a while (or don’t have one yet), we can help! At Corridor Consulting, we work with a variety of website providers, including Wix, SquareSpace, Wordpress, GoDaddy, and Weebly, to build beautiful, informative, and navigable template sites formatted for your business and your audience. We can also help you audit and improve your existing site—or redo it entirely, should that be necessary. Curious to learn more? Give us a call, and let’s chat!

Website Building

If you don’t have your own website yet, or your website has been lingering around since the early 2000s, let us create a brand-new one for you! Using template sites from Wix, WordPress, Weebly, GoDaddy, or Squarespace, we’ll craft an easy-to-use and optimized site that showcases your company, your brand, and your services.

Website Renovations

Is your website doing your business justice? If your site is old or hard to navigate, it might be time for an update! We work with major hosting companies, like Wix, WordPress, GoDaddy, Squarespace, and Weebly to ensure our clients’ sites reflect their company, business’s needs, and the best of modern design.

Website Audits

Our website analysis involves a comprehensive review of your site, including detailed analytics performance, accessibility, design, ease of navigation, and other important digital metrics. We’ll check SEO, image optimizations and captions, and even find new ways for you to capture leads.