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Corridor Case Study:

Raleigh Woodworks

Corridor Consulting generated 100% of website traffic with organic search results + organic social media content.


Of traffic coming from social media


Of traffic coming from organic search or direct access


Average Leads Per Month

The Challenge

The Raleigh Woodworks team had plenty of personal experience, but when it became time to take that side hustle into a full time job, we needed to increase brand awareness and generate a platform that would allow the brand to showcase their work. After four years, the brand is now able to self-sustain marketing with social media and email marketing paired with a strong, SEO-friendly website and automated systems that take the mundane tasks off this small business, so they can focus on what they do best.

The Corridor Solution

Corridor Consulting started with a visually stimulating website that highlighted portfolio images of their top nine niche services, as well as a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and Pinterest. After gaining some traction on social media, the client's lead influx was stead, so now it was time to implement a follow up strategy to continue growing as a company, which meant hiring more staff members. As 2020 hit, and more people found themselves staying home, Raleigh Woodworks' demand increased. Hiring during a pandemic, was challenging, but not impossible. Corridor created a landing page and an ad strategy to target woodworkers and carpenters who were looking for a career change, which improved the number of qualified applicants by 80%. 

Website Design

Corridor Consulting created a Wix Website, broken down by the niche services for each page, paired with a monthly blog and email newsletter to notify subscribers of any project and service updates, generating more repeat customers by giving them more ideas for their next project. We encouraged the team to utilize all of the booking features and workflow automations that Wix offered, to take away mundane data entry tasks

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Raleigh Woodworks Accent Wall

Email Marketing

Corridor Consulting sends current subscribers a monthly email, highlighting DIY tips, project ideas, top trending requests and industry news updates.


Email Subscribers


Open Rate


Click Rate


Repeat Sales

Average Monthly Results From 6 Month Period


Social Media Planning & Management

Corridor worked with the management team at Raleigh Woodworks to develop a social media plan that included personalized videos, branded graphics and engaging content that reflected the tone of this community, on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube. 


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