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Quick Guide: Digital Marketing Courses For Brand Managers

Branding is so crucial for businesses. After all, as 8Ways reports, “It takes 1/10th of a second to form a first impression of someone, and about 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for people to form an opinion about your website.” Brand managers have to ensure that every first impression of a business is a good one. This encompasses the website, social media, advertising, email marketing, and everything else. To stay ahead of the curve and truly delight your audience, you must keep up with current trends as a brand manager. Working to support the brands of various businesses, we like to keep an eye on the trends and best processes for making the right first impression.

To share our knowledge, we’ve assembled our knowledge in various courses and downloadables available on The Marketing Corridor. Because branding is on our mind this month, we wanted to assemble some of our best courses and assets for branding managers, sorted by how they can help your online presence. If you’re interested in adding to your branding skill set for your office, check out our recommendations below!

1. Understand Your Business and Its Clients

To create a strong brand, you must understand what niche the business fits into and the client profiles you’ll target. When you start thinking about the brand management of an account, you’ll need to conduct a complete discovery to understand how every piece of marketing fits into the big picture. With courses like How to Define Your Niche and How to Create Your Ideal Customer Profile, you can use different frameworks to fully understand the brand.

From creating personas to brainstorming your business’s place in the marketplace, you can start fleshing out how to communicate your brain story to your audience. Plus, with additional templates in our store, like 4 Layers Of A Service Based Business Website Funnel Landing Page and our Customer Persona Template Pack, you can get to work on how you will present your business on the website and across marketing different streams.

2. Create Your Brand Kit and Style Guide

A cohesive brand voice and a defined style are the keys to a strong brand. An excellent way to get started, especially if you’re doing a brand refresh, is by looking at your brand kit and style guide. At Corridor Consulting Company, our courses How To Setup a Brand Kit to Create a Business Card and How To Build a Brand Style Guide with Canva can help you do this evaluation of your current branding.

Using both frameworks, you can develop how you want your brand to communicate visually and with all your content. Plus, with everything you learn, you could put new proposals and marketing materials together with tools like The Ultimate Marketing Proposal Template for Social Media Managers. Beyond that, you could start doing a refresh on social, emails, blogs, and your website as a whole.

3. Get Automations in Place

A crucial part of branding is ensuring that every piece of communication that goes out to your audience is infused with your brand voice. That starts with your website and, ultimately, the emails you send. However, while you’re doing all of your branding work, you don’t want to be writing personalized emails and copywriting all day long. That’s where automations come in. You can build out automatic actions to reach the customers who visit your website, informed by their behaviors. This makes the relationships you build with customers richer while also sending out messages that fit your brand.

In our course, How to Streamline Your Workflow with Automation, we go over some of the basics of automation with Wix and different functions to implement in your site. This includes cart abandonment emails, follow-ups after a purchase, and even welcome emails. Some automations allow you to update your spreadsheets and other apps when orders or invoices are sent, enabling you to track your growth more efficiently. Using the tutorials and frameworks from these automations, you can get critical workflows to support everything you do for the brand overall.

4. Build Strong SEO on Your Website

For your branding to work, people need to be able to find your website. That’s where SEO comes in. By using key fundamentals in copywriting your website and your blog posts, you can ensure that you can rank as high in search results as possible. However, just because it’s optimized for search doesn’t mean it doesn’t sound like you and your brand voice. SEO can make your branding stronger. However, you need the right tools and frameworks to create the SEO copywriting you need.

We made the course How to Use SEO Copywriting to Make an Impact to give business owners and brand managers a toolkit to build compelling website content that converts. With the frameworks and guidance in the course, you can start producing content that gets you seen on Google. Plus, with our downloadable 4 Key Email Strategies To Try Today, you can begin to promote your new content and service pages to your email audience.

5. Start Building Content Across Platforms

Beyond your website, social media is a pivotal place to establish branding. However, determining how to fill out your social media account and what is best to post can be overwhelming. At Corridor Consulting Company, as we overview in our blog How to Plan 30 Days of Content in Your Sleep, it’s all about taking long-form content from your website and planning it across your social calendar every month. Also, by utilizing content pillars, we can build “fun” content alongside our informational and sales-focused content.

We’ve built a course around this framework, How To Create A 30-Day Social Media Plan, so you can look deeper into our strategies and use our expertise to start your brand management work across social media. Also, using either our Premium or Fundamental social media planning template, you can streamline your content throughout your social accounts.

Need More Help With Branding Management?

Continuous education is vital for brand managers because it lets them understand the current trends and what you should know for your company. However, even with these courses, you need some outside support. Branding encompasses so much of a website’s online presence, from social to web design to all the content you put out. At Corridor Consulting Company, we regularly work with businesses across all aspects of branding. If you need help with website design, email marketing, copywriting, ads, or anything in between, we’re ready to help.

Our team of creative social media managers, designers, ad experts, and copywriters is ready to help you reach your audience with a strong web presence. Since opening our doors in 2018, we’re proud to say that we have a more extensive list of returning and new clients each year. Contact Corridor Consulting today, and let’s talk about your business goals. We’d love to put our expertise to work for your business.

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