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Let Someone Else Do Social Media Management for You

Social media management might seem like something you can easily do yourself—you spend plenty of time scrolling Facebook, tweeting, and Instagramming already, so what’s the difference? Adding a few posts to a business account shouldn’t be too much more work, right? Actually, it really can be a full-time job!

Why You Should Hire Someone to Handle the Complexities of Social Media

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Social media might seem straightforward, but in reality, it can be anything but. There’s a lot of thought that goes into professional social media—like what time of day you post, how often you post, what you post, who sees your posts… the list goes on. Here are a few things you should know about social media for business… and why it might be best to just let a pro handle the pesky details.

Posts need to be engaging

are your posts getting love?

One of the biggest ways non-professional posters fail is by making posts that don’t catch readers’ interest. If you aren’t posting material that grabs attention, it’s not going to get read, clicked on, or even noticed. And when content gets ignored, it doesn’t get promoted, either. (Ever notice that posts with a lot of “likes” just keep getting more “likes”?)

So, how do you make content attention-grabbing? It might be as simple as adding a cute graphic or a funny meme, something to catch the eye of a skimming reader. But unless you know what readers want to see, this might be a decision best left to an expert.

Content needs to be relevant

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Once you garner that attention, you’ve got to keep it with content that actually matters to the reader. Typically, short comments or blurbs are better than long paragraphs, something that can pull the reader in a little further and entices them to click to read more. A funny meme is great, but if there’s no point to the content, your reader will simply chuckle and keep scrolling.

Professional social media users know that content can’t just grab the eye; it’s got to entice the reader, too.

You have to know your audience

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The key to creating relevant content that your readers actually want to explore further lies in understanding your readers! Who is your target audience? Namely, who is mostly likely to receive—and respond to—posts by your business? Once you know who your clients are, ask yourself, what do your clients really want to know?

Knowing your audience does more than just aid your content creation, however. Having a target audience in mind can help you determine which social media sites you use, how often you post, and even how you write (formal vs. informal, etc).

Content must be scheduled & posted regularly

an open daily planner

Social media calendars and schedules exist for a reason—they work. If you’re on multiple social media platforms, having a calendar can help you sort out what to post on which site and when. They allow you to schedule out your posts to specific times when they’re more likely to receive maximum engagement, AND they can help you avoid repeating content that’s already been posted.

Social media professionals don’t just use social media calendars; we understand how they work, too. We know the best times and days to post on specific sites, as well as how to use proper automation to streamline the process—and when to turn automation off.

Your social media profiles should be optimized, too

optimizing a facebook profile

Another big thing non-pros get wrong? Focusing on the posting and not the profile. Before you start posting anything to your business page, take some time to make sure you optimize your profile. That means choosing professional profile and cover pictures, updating your page layout to reflect your business, adding some details about your business, and sharing your bio.

Professional social media experts can handle this part of the process, too! Setting up your profile isn’t terribly difficult, but it does take some work to make sure it’s professional, informative, and tailored to your business. And social media gurus know how to do this so it best suits your brand.

Ready to Leave the Social Media to an Expert?

If social media isn’t your line of expertise, it might be time to find an expert so you can get back to running your business and doing what you love. At Corridor Consulting, we’re pretty darn good at all aspects of social media—from optimizing your profile to creating a calendar of compelling content for all your social media platforms. Intrigued? We’d love to chat about your business, your goals, and how we can help bring clients your way.

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