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Creating Valuable Content for Your Clients

Let’s talk about something really important—creating valuable, usable content that your clients actually want to read. I’m not alone in saying that I hate the sales pitches all over social media and blogs these days. People don’t want to read that, and if they get the impression you’re just trying to sell them something, they’ll leave. But if you can provide valuable content and keep them around, well, that’s how you get attention from potential clients and ultimately build your SEO!

How to Bring Valuable Content to Your Clients & Readers

reading valuable content on a blog

Creating genuine content has a few advantages. First and foremost, it builds interest in what you post. If you actually provide information that people want to read or can benefit from reading, then you’ll gain their attention. They’ll come back. They might refer other people to your site because they know you deliver quality content.

Secondly, your SEO will improve. The increased client traffic, coupled with organic keywords and relevant content, will boost you up in Google searches leading even more people to start appreciating your great content.

So, how do you create that useful, client-building, SEO-boosting content? Here are some of my best tips for constructing valuable content for your business.

Think of questions people ask you everyday… and answer them

answering questions for clients

What do you get asked a lot in your line of work? What does everybody who comes to you want to know? Make a list of some of the most frequent questions you hear, then answer them. Address these concerns just like you would if you were speaking to an actual client. By providing genuine information, no strings attached, you gain client trust and confidence.

For example, we manage all the social media for The Walk at East Village, an Active Adult community in Clayton, NC. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we created a response plan, which we then implemented and communicated to all agents and buyers associated with East Village.

Share some of your favorite tools/tips of the trade

a beautifully renovated home

There are a couple of ways you can spin this. You might offer some tips for a DIY project in your line of work (like easy home improvements), show off some of your favorite organizational or trade tools, or even just provide some advice for those who want to learn a little more—some things you had to learn the hard way and wish someone had told you when you were first starting out!

For example, my team does a lot of behind-the-scenes blogs for Raleigh Woodworks. We delve into the company’s active projects, provide tips for updating or maintaining a personal home, and sprinkle in some cool before-and-after shots, too.

Solve a typical area or industry problem

taking pictures on a city tour

Think of some things a typical client in your industry might want to know. In construction, maybe eco-friendly features are a trendy topic. In real estate, it might be nice to highlight the local community. In salon services, maybe hot new hairdos would make a great read.

For example, my team works with The Elite Builders Group, a new construction real estate team in the Johnston County area of NC. Every month, we put out a Favorite Things blog that explores industry-relevant news and highlights local businesses, restaurants, events, and organizations.

Brainstorm some work-relevant topics

What do you share with your clients and friends about your business? What (industry-related) topics do you talk about with your coworkers or employees? What kinds of industry-specific things do you wish you’d known starting out? The answers to these questions could all be topics for your next blog post, Tik Tok video, or content page.

Ready to Start Producing Great Content?

If all this sounds a little overwhelming, we get it. This “valuable content” stuff… it’s kinda what we do (in case you didn’t pick up on that). You have better things to do with your time—like running your business! Let us worry about your content so you can focus on delivering 5-star client service. Get in touch and tell us a little more about your company, and we’ll help you get some bookmark-worthy content out to your will-be clients.

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