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Lakeshore Raleigh Condos Website

Project Type

Wix Website


July 2023



Number of Pages


Collaborated closely with a dynamic real estate sales team to craft, a captivating single-page website meticulously tailored for a new construction condo community in Raleigh, NC. Using the intuitive Wix Website Editor, I curated a visually stunning and user-centric landing page strategically engineered to magnetize leads and captivate potential buyers.

The website serves as an inviting gateway, showcasing the allure and promise of modern living in this vibrant condo community. With a focus on lead generation, the site seamlessly captures and engages prospects, spotlighting the unique features and lifestyle offered by these new condos. Through strategic design and user experience, aims to inspire and drive interest, positioning itself as the premier destination for those seeking the epitome of contemporary living in Raleigh.

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