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Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest offers a highly unique advertising solution with the superpower of putting your ads in front of a highly engaged audience without breaking the immersion of the platform experience. The result of these seamless ad placements and visual-first formats engages users in what is already considered to be a highly creative and collaborative virtual space. 

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Why Choose Pinterest Ads

Whether your objective is lead generation, clicks back to your website, or simply introducing your brand to new customers, Pinterest allows you to connect with your customers in a way that makes sense for your brand. 

Low Interruption Advertising

Pinterest offers an inventory of low-interruption ad placements that allows your brand to immerse itself fully in the user's experience of the platform. Place your ad alongside highly relevant and engaging content that your customers love.

Visual-First Ad Formats

Pinterest is a platform that relies heavily on visual imagery to appeal to its audience, making it a fantastic option for brands that have a visual story to tell. Engage your audience with eye-catching and dynamic ad content.

Impactful Ad Strategies

Despite Pinterest being a relatively untapped option for advertisers, it is one of the more impactful placement options in the digital space. Compared to other channels, it boasts of having a 2.3x more efficient CPA and 2x more impactful ROAS.

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