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Build A Links Landing Page

A single landing page for all your most important backlinks, specifically designed for your brand and you keep the traffic within your own website. 

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How The Links Landing Page Process Works

Create a single page for all your strongest offers


Gathering Links

Make a list of all your most important links. We recommend 24 as the maximum amount to avoid a high bounce rate. These links can include social media or direct landing pages to affiliate links and trackers.


Choose a Background

We'll assess your brand mood to research and provide up to five royalty-free images for you to choose from as your background image. Only one background image will be selected.


Set a Clear CTA

We'll be sure to optimize each link with aesthetic button designs with a clear call to action (CTA). Our Links pages are designed to encourage an action from the user.

Ready to Build Your Links Landing Page?

Let's talk about your priorities with a quick Zoom call.

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