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LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is one of the most rapidly growing professional communities online. As their community grows, their advertising capabilities have been optimized for thought-leaders and business-owners alike.

Offering an array of targeting capabilities like company size, employer, job title, and seniority level. These capabilities make LinkedIn the ideal place to advertise to a B2B or professional development style audience. 

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Why Choose LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has a highly-refined and engaged audience compared to other social platforms. Users tend to be exhibiting a slow scroll behavior style, meaning they are more likely to engage and click.


Targeting a Network of Professionals

The targeting parameters on LinkedIn are highly impactful for how specific they can get. Whether you are trying to target C-Suite executives or small-business owners, LinkedIn allows you to reliably customize your audience accordingly.


Impactful Ad Placement

LinkedIn has an array of ad placements that allow you to reach your audience in the ideal place, time, and method. Whether that's a media-rich in-feed post or a direct message to your audience via in-mail, LinkedIn ensures your content is in the right place at the right time.


High-Quality Engagements

Because LinkedIn utilizes information registered and verified by independent users, the quality of impressions is much higher. This means there's a higher chance that you are reaching the intended audience and getting higher-quality engagements and conversions.

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