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Google Search Advertising

Google Ads are one of the most powerful tools in your digital arsenal when it comes to reaching high-intent audience members. It relies on contextual keyword targeting, meaning businesses can reach their customers while they are looking for related products or services. 


Corridor Consulting focuses on tailoring your keyword strategy and ad copy to reach the most optimized user profile possible. Whether you are a first-time Google Ads user or a seasoned veteran, we prioritize a collaborative partnership with our clients to ensure our advertising strategy is aligning with long-term business goals and overarching marketing strategy.


Why Choose Google Search Ads

Google Ads is one of the most popular advertising platforms for small businesses and Fortune 500s for good reason. Here are just a few key benefits for leveraging it in your marketing strategy.


High Intention Exposure

Keyword targeting can reach a wide array of high intention customers and first-time researchers, maximizing your exposure to customers in every level of the marketing funnel.


Guilt-Free Targeting Approach

No need to rely on cookies, third-party data, or lists to reach your audience— Google Ads only reaches users who want to find your product or service!


Flexible Spending, Pay As You Go

Your campaign, your budget. Unlike some advertising avenues, there is no minimum spend on Google. Pay what you can spend on your advertising and Google will do the rest.

Ready to Create Your Google Search Campaign?

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