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Corridor Case Study:

Creating PPC Ads with Value For Energy Shield of New Hampshire 

Corridor Consulting Generated a 4,281% ROAS in 60 days

A total of $5,500 was spent on advertising, generating $240,943 in direct revenue.

The Challenge

Energy Shield of New Hampshire, an established contractor in the Laconia, New Hampshire area with 40+ years of experience in roofing, set out to fill a need in the solar industry. In order to fully launch in this new niche, Energy Shield reached out to Corridor Consulting to create a plan to help generate interest in solar panel installations within their service area. Because solar products are a high dollar service, with the average installation cost around $45,000, the demographic they needed to reach needed to fit a few certain requirements, such as home ownership and affordability. Leveraging their deep experience in PPC, the Corridor team needed to build a solution to get Energy Shield of New Hampshire the best return on their investment. 

The Corridor Solution

To help Energy Shield of New Hampshire generate brand awareness in solar installations, Corridor Consulting Company developed a three-part PPC campaign strategy. We started the process with a Social Media campaign to target top funnel users who might show an interest in going solar or a similar interest in generating electricity or going green. Then, our team set up a Google search ad to capture the middle and bottom funnel users, who were already researching their options to go solar. Then, we followed up with a retargeting social media campaign using client testimonials videos on the benefits of going solar and on partnering with Energy Shield of New Hampshire. Using this 3-part plan, Energy Shield was able to build awareness of their brand and their social installation service across social media and in the community. 

Solar Panels

Social Campaign

Creating a campaign on Meta, Corridor Consulting distributed ads across both Facebook and Instagram networks. By highlighting the benefits of going solar and common pain points of the rising electrical costs in the graphics and copy, we were able to reach new audiences at a great value. 






Page Views



Results From 60 Days


Google Search Campaign

To help target people that were currently searching for solar installation services, Corridor Consulting Company created a Google Search strategy to include keywords relevant to the client's services, using area specific and branded keywords.

We also honed in on the audience by targeting the top interest markets searching relevant keywords and ad bid adjustments to the better performing audiences. As a result, Energy Shield was able to reach new audiences across Google search. 









Results From 60 Days

solar roof

Retargeting Campaign

As the final step of the process, Corridor Consulting created a retargeting campaign, which targeted users who visited any of the client's solar website pages but didn't fill out the form. We nurtured these leads by serving a different message using client testimonial videos as the hook and social proof. This led to many of these potential customers exploring Energy Shield's services even more, resulting in new leads and sales. 









Results From 60 Days


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