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Corridor Case Study:

Boosting Sales at The Walk at East Village 

Corridor Consulting increased the sales closing rate by 68.5%


Of traffic coming from social media


Increase in organic website traffic


Increase in qualified leads

The Challenge

When The Walk at East Village, a 55+ community in Clayton, North Carolina, needed help raising awareness for their community, they turned to Corridor Consulting company to boost their online and social presence. With social media, web design, SEO, graphic design, and digital advertising, Corridor Consulting company set to work to promote the amenities and the value of the community. From highlighting events running at the community to the amenities that all the homes offered, to highlighting different listings, Corridor Consulting company partnered with The Walk of East Village on their online presence, until the community was completely sold out. 

The Corridor Solution

The Walk at East Village needed more eyes on their active adult community, so Corridor Consulting developed a strategy to increase brand awareness through SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, and Local Networking. We also assisted with implementing efficient workflows, lead reports, social media management, digital ads design, campaign management, email marketing, press release management, document design, event planning, and more! By working as a strategic partner with The Walk at East Village, collaborating with sales and their management team, we were able to build creative solutions that helped The Walk at East Village sell out in record time, in less than a year!

Website Design

Collaborating with Dakno Website developers, Corridor Consulting company designed a SEO-rich website, with sales and lead automations built in. This enabled The Walk at East Village sales team to stay on top of their leads, communicating effectively and efficiently, while also having an attractive, easy-to-use website. The new website was expressly designed to improve user interactions by making information easily available. Using consistent calls to action and user-experience oriented design that had clear information about contacting agents, the website was easy to navigate for all users. 

By leveraging the website design, automations, and consistent copywriting, The Walk at East Village website bolstered the community's web presence, while serving sales and operations. 

Corridor Website Design Portfolio The Walk.png
sunny walk at east village pool

Digital Advertising (PPC)

To reach users interested in communities like The Walk at East Village, Corridor Consulting Company created a multi-tiered advertising campaign to boost brand awareness, get more website visitors, and ultimately, create more leads for the sales team. We maintained a few ongoing campaigns, but were sure to switch up the messaging and offerings quarterly to ensure viewers were not fatigued from being served the same ads repeatedly. In addition, we used Facebook and Instagram to promote The Walk At East Village with paid advertising.









Results From 6 Months


Social Media Planning & Management

Corridor Consulting Company collaborated with the sales team at The Walk at East Village to develop a social media strategy that included personalized videos, branded graphics, and engaging content that reflected the spirit of this community, on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 


Print Marketing Design

To reach retirees with physical marketing as well as digital, we created a number of printable and downloadable materials that could be passed out at the sales office or downloaded directly from the website. Because these downloadables served as a great resource to point on site visitors to, we were able to use these leads later with digital retargeting ads on Facebook. 


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