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Corridor Case Study:

Generating Engagement with Google Search Ad Campaigns for Tabletop Media Group

Corridor Consulting Converted 92% of Ad Clicks in 60 days

Grew Facebook followers, which is increasing an average of 0.95 followers per day (60-day average)

The Challenge

Tabletop Media Group is known as a full-service media agency specializing in the food, beverage, agriculture, and lifestyle industries by creating beautiful visuals, engaging social media, and responsive websites catered to the restaurant industry. However, they needed help increasing leads requesting restaurant, brewery, and hospitality industry marketing services. Because Tabletop Media Group needed deeper expertise in regard to digital ads, Corridor Consulting Company was able to step in with our white-label PPC services to help them reach their desired audience. 

The Corridor Solution

Working closely with the Tabletop Media Group team, we were able to develop a Google Search campaign that included an ad group for "Marketing for Restaurants" and another for "Marketing for Breweries & Bars". Through this process, Corridor Consulting Company converted 92% of Ad clicks in just 60 days. This also grew Facebook followers, which is increasing at an average of 0.95 followers a day. By working with the agency with our white-label PPC, we were able to foster growth for their engaged community. 

North Carolina Neighborhoods

Search Campaign

Corridor Consulting Company developed a campaign catered specifically to Tabletop Media Group's needs on Google Search to increase bottom-of-the-funnel leads, helping them to get more eyes on their sites and ultimately more clicks. 




Leads Received


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Avg Cost Per Click

Data Results From 60-Day Period

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